The importance of Information as an Employee is important. 

The most valuable assets of any organization are its Employees. The key to a strong and long-running organization is happy and loyal employees, who are emotionally connected to their organization. The key to a company’s success is customer satisfaction which comes through the disbursement of a great quality of goods and services. This is achievable only if the employees are dedicated towards better performance, and output and do not compromise in making goods or providing the best services. Employees are not top-level decision-makers but their contribution to running the organization is significant. Brand value is maintained with the consistent output of employees. This is why the authenticity, talent and skills of an employee are of utmost importance to the organization. While hiring, identification of the right candidate for the right roleplay is important but identifying the false information furnished by the candidate is much more crucial for recruiters.

Risk of wrong hiring due to false information

The greatest risk during the hiring process is to have a completely fake candidate with completely fake credentials. Partial fakeness by the candidates for grabbing the opportunity is found too frequently. In today’s tech-savvy world, faking has not only become very charming but also very easy for a layman with handy software in hand as mobile phones.

“Fake it till you make it.”,  is the new mantra of the next generation.

Started as a motivational punch line but has been unfortunately taken up by people who do not value the hard work and the honesty of others also. They are looking for quick success and are not at all faithful towards the organization where they earn their bread and butter. All they are looking for is quick money, status and a good lifestyle. If needed they can go to any level to cheat the employer and extract benefits in whatever way they can. This leads them to corrupt practices and theft also. Passing on employers’ confidential information to rivals etc. When good companies float hiring requirements, the chances of candidates approaching, increase as good companies not only ensure a good package but take care of employees’ health and family issues, establishing job security for their employees. 

But all this comes at a price. If employees are worthy enough, they contribute towards the growth of the company but if hiring goes wrong, companies face major losses due to internal management failure rather than the lack of good products or services.

Recruiters need to keep pointers in mind while Personality Assessment, with which they can identify false information given by the candidate. But then they should also know what are the items that can be false or faked by the candidate.  

List of things that can be falsified or faked by the candidate.

  1. Inflated Resume
  2. Fake resume
  3. Wrong Information
  4. Fake social media profile
  5. Fake style and body language
  6. Forged reference 
  7. Corrupted influence

List of things that can be falsified or faked by a candidate

1.  Inflated Resume-

  • To get a good job, candidates can inflate their resume by falsifying employment history, Skills, education records or last salary details. Information regarding health issues, family, liabilities, or anything which can inflate the candidate’s profile or damage the candidate’s status, can be fabricated and falsified by the candidate. 

2. Fake Resume

  • Fake resumes can be created with false information right from furnishing fake names and addresses. Positions where the employee will get access to the company’s confidential information or vault, treasury, bank account, etc, are at risk if the candidate has wrong intentions. A possible fraud may be looking for an opportunity to harm the company for any reason. Either by robbing the money and valuables, or passing on confidential and internal information to the rival company. In such a scenario, companies cannot track the person with a false name and address.  

3.  Wrong Information – 

  • Information can be fabricated to mislead the recruiter. With technology at hand, it is easy to create sources of Fake information also. Like social media handles under fake names, pictures and profiles. Pictures can be morphed and uploaded for false replication of life or previous work etc. Credentials like mark sheets, certificates, and even passports etc, can be faked with fake information.

4. Fake social media profile –

  • Recruiters tend to cross-check the social media handles to know about the genuineness and day-to-day life of the candidate but there is a great possibility of candidates having false and fabricated social media profiles with fake or morphed pictures, wrong information etc. Even genuine people tend to inflate their social media pages with fabricated information to mislead people as being something, which they are not to gain name and fame.

5. Fake style and body language –

  • According to the position opened, the external personality of the candidate counts. How the candidate is talking softly, slowly, politely, accent, etc. How the candidate is dressed up. Is their personality matching the position to be held? Sometimes the status of the candidate itself matters for the position to be held. Often interviewers try to read the body language of a candidate. But faking style and perfect body language for a few hours or some days are not difficult for a fake person. Some people are very good liars and imposters. But with the help of Handwriting Analysis for personality assessment, recruiters can identify true personality traits.

6. Forged reference –

  • To ensure the authenticity of the candidate, the practice of a minimum of two references is common in organizations. But these reference signatures can be forged. Letters and documents in the name of previous employees can also be forged. Even digital signatures can be forged. And it’s difficult to get it cross-checked if it is from a particular source or not. In case of a faraway location, it becomes time and money consuming also as either it will have to be communicated through India Post or through the digital process like scanning, fax etc Graphology for recruitment can be used to identify forged documents, making the work of recruiters easy.

7. Corrupted influence –

  • Often reference comes in the form of influence by known or powerful people or people in positions of authority. But a recruiter should be cautious as it can be a corrupting influence. Misuse of money and power is not a new thing around the world. 
  • Recruiters need to keep the above points in mind while selecting a trustworthy person for the organization as skills can be taught and the person can be trained but what can not be created is the integrity of the person.  

The above pointers are important but the question comes How to cross-check and validate. There are limited options available but with the help of Handwriting analysis for hiring employees,  Recruiters can do several pre-employment screening of the candidate’s leadership qualities, ability to work under pressure, decision-making abilities, team player, honesty, personality disorder and even the interest and intelligence of the candidate, which helps the recruiter to determine the role play fit for the particular candidate. It increases the productivity of the employee recruited.

We at understanding this very well and we are here to help you with our Psychometric test via Handwriting analysis for Personality Assesment service. 

We analyze the handwriting of the interview candidate and submit a report to the employer so that they can make informed hiring decisions. We assess personalities like leadership qualities, taking initiative, trust factors etc.